Transformation in Classical Architecture
by Victor Deupi

Michael Rouchell and Victor Deupi

February 2, 2019 

A quiet revolution is unfolding in the realm of classical architecture today, as the environmental, technological, and economic demands of contemporary practice require levels of efficiency that were never previously expected. This new wave of modern classicism reflects a progressive approach, addressing the pressing needs of the present and future fabric of our cities, towns and landscapes.  This book examines how classical – and traditional – architecture can evolve in relation to new paradigms of research and practice (digital media and fabrication, sustainability, ecology, and emerging economies). Based on recent work by leading figures associated with the University of Miami School of Architecture, and a series of design studios at the university (the William H. Harrison Visiting Critics in Classical Architecture), the book redefines the new classical discourse in terms of popular, professional, and academic appeal.