“To advance the appreciation and manifest the principles of classical and traditional architecture and its allied arts by engaging practitioners, students, educators, and architecture enthusiasts of Louisiana.”

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The Louisiana Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art is dedicated to advancing the practice and appreciation of classical architecture and all its allied arts throughout the State of Louisiana. New Orleans is known for its unique architectural heritage that combines French Creole, Spanish and American influences, and the Louisiana Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art believes that the lessons learned from this rich heritage can be applied to our new works, as well as to help aid those who work to preserve and rehabilitate our historic architecture.


Join the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art – Louisiana Chapter for “A Breath of Fresh Air,” Exploring Classicism & Culture in Covington, Louisiana. Our Spring Foray will take place from April 12-14, 2024. Covington, Louisiana, was founded in 1813 and has a rich history as a resort town known for its clean air and water. In the early 1900s, it was a popular destination for those seeking a reprieve from the crowded and polluted cities. The town’s natural springs and abundance of trees provided a refreshing and rejuvenating environment. Today, Covington still maintains its reputation as a place to escape for fresh air and a peaceful atmosphere. Its continued focus on preserving its natural resources only adds to its charm and appeal for tourists and residents alike.

The city has undergone many changes, but its architecture remains one of the most distinguishing characteristics. There are many architectural styles in Covington; the city’s architecture reflects its history and culture. Many historic buildings are still used today, providing insight into the city’s past. One of the best examples is the Southern Hotel, built in 1907. This historic hotel is a testament to the city’s rich history and charm. It has been restored and is a focal point for visitors and locals alike. 

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As a part of a larger organization, our objective is to reach artists, craft persons, landscape architects, architects, and interior designers across Louisiana in order to address the importance of traditional, classical art in our state. 


Our Testimonials

We appreciate all of the support from our members and the community. Our members enjoy learning about Louisiana’s architectural culture. Here are a few quotes from those who have indulged in our organization’s endless opportunities. 

Eye Opener

"Further opened my eyes to Classical Architectural and Art details."
Peter Patout

Classical Planning

"The combination of rum, New England, Louisiana and Classical Planning was an interesting mix. I thoroughly enjoyed it." Tommie Cockfield, AIA


"Very informative and inspiring." Herschel Hoffpauir

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National Institute of Classical Architecture & Art

The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) is a nonprofit membership organization committed to promoting and preserving the practice, understanding, and appreciation of classical design. To do so, the ICAA offers a broad range of educational programs. These include intensives for architecture and design students, introductory programs for middle school students, lectures and walking tours for the public, continuing education courses for professionals and enthusiasts, travel programs to visit classical masterpieces, the publishing of original and reprinted books, and an annual journal entitled the Classicist. Through the annual Arthur Ross Awards, as well as other national and regional award programs, the ICAA also honors contemporary leaders of classical design and the related fields.

The ICAA is a national organization, with 15 chapters across the country and headquarters in New York City. Each chapter organizes its own local programming to reflect the unique members and architectural traditions in its region. The ICAA’s membership represents the diverse and dynamic cross-section of all those involved with the building arts, from architects and designers, to patrons and artisans. These members benefit from the robust network of local and national programs and networking opportunities. Likewise, the organization is continually enriched and inspired by responding to the needs, interests, and passions of its growing membership base.